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Read testimonials about Ivory Software from past clients. We are proud of our reputation for excellence.

"I have known and worked with Alex in a variety of capacities for nine years. In August 2000 when I was an e-commerce practice lead, I interviewed and hired him as a Broadvision and webMethods expert. Alex was responsible for supporting the Broadvision services business. He was a Lead Architect on an engagement for an electronics manufacturing company and on an engagement for a cement and mineral manufacturer. These engagements spanned several years due to Alex's technical leadership, professionalism and team work. Alex has provided additional details of this experience on his profile.

"Alex is organized, efficient, and an extremely competent IT Architect. He is a strong team player working well with people of varying experience and expertise. His communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. I highly recommend Alex for any position or endeavor that he may pursue. Alex would be a valuable asset to any organization."

— Martin

"Alex and I worked on a very complex Finance Transformation engagement with a large manufacturing client in the Asia / Pacific region. Alex developed a good relationship with the client by offering solid expertise and advice on how to transform the client's processes and enterprise systems. His knowledge and insight were invaluable."

— Terrence

"I managed Alex at one account and worked with him in other contexts. Alex has an inquisitive mind, is very good at learning about new technologies, and figuring out how to apply them to provide business solutions!"

— Alan