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About Process Engineering

Our people-before-process engineers are highly trained professionals that specialize in helping teams succeed. We begin each project by meeting all users, analyzing workflows, and getting a firm grasp on current processes. Everything is documented and presented through video or blackboard presentations. From there, we present a number of solutions that will improve these processes.

As our client, you'll be able to choose the path you want to take. Using Agile IBM software, we determine how long it will take to implement the process, and we're by your side throughout the developmental stage until you get to first-time production. Our end-to-end service takes your idea from modeling and discussion to full implementation. Upon request, we stay longer to assist with deployment and future development.

Any Size

Process engineering is a complex field, but it delivers benefits even for the simplest projects. We use the example of changing a sink in your home. A little planning to ensure you have the right tools and parts will make this process much more efficient and deliver superior results. These same principles can be scaled up to the most advanced and complex industries. In the aerospace industry, small mistakes can be extremely costly.

For example, a French airplane manufacturer worked with vendors in both Germany and France. The two vendors used slightly different versions of the same electrical systems. The difference was so minor that they assumed it would make no difference to the final result. They were wrong. When the airplane body was transported from Germany to France, they found that a difference of a few microns resulted in a serious error that would have affected airplanes all over the world. With effective process management, that error would have been avoided.

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